Saturday, July 31, 2010

Same job 3 times!

As mentioned before, not just the end users are idiots. Sadly those of us in the industry can be led by idiots.
My boss a few months ago had a few pc's deployed. No big deal right? Sadly no, because he decided it was a good idea to do the same job 3 times.
First deploy said pc's with out hard drives. Why would you do that you ask? To have a presence at the location was the answer.
Second go back to the pc's and install the hard drives, but not to configure them. Huh? Just to show we were doing something. Huh again?
Third, go back a third time, finish configuring and train the end users. Job finally finished.
So a job that should have been done once, took weeks and 3 trips. Brilliant! So instead of looking like a competent and well skilled crew, we instead looked like the keystone cops!