Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Lost File...

Ok, so, I get a call from one of my favorite idiots.
Idiot: "I've was working on my file all day yesterday and now it's not there!
Me: "Ok, where was the file?"
Idiot: "Hmmm, I don't remember."
Me: "Allright, I can search for it on the network, what was it called?"
Idiot: "...not quite sure..."
Me: "What program did you make it in?"
Idiot: "uh..... Windows?"
Me: "So, you would like me to restore a file without knowing anyhing about it?"
Idiot: "C'mon, just restore everything. You can do that right?"
Me: "Um....no. I'm not going to do that. Please call me back when you remember anything about the file you were working on. I cannot do anything until then."
Later, she does call me back and now remembers the name of the file.
Idiot: "Can you restore it now?"
After a quick search on her network drive, I see she has it buried like 8 folders deep on the network.
Me: "Your file is still there, you saved it in (folder name) ."
Idiot: "Oh my god that's right! I remember I put it there so no one else could fint it."
Me: "Good job."
Idiot: "How did you find it?"
Me: "I looked for it."
Idiot: "Oh, (sounding defeated) thanks..."

Thursday, August 6, 2009


So I'm sittin' at work, it's fairly early in the day I just finished makin' myself a scotch and soda when the freakin' helpdesk (which is really a misnomer 'cuz trust me these people are way beyond help) phone rings. So I pick it up, 'cuz you know no f@*kin' body else is gonna, and this woman tells me her cup holder is broken...??? I naturally assume she has stopped taking her freakin' meds and ask her if she hasn't dialed the wrong number accidentally.
Taking a nice long sip of my drink I ask her what cup holder and she says "You know the thing that opens up on the front of her computer..." after a rather long pause during which I ask the gods "why me?" I inform her that the afore-mentioned 'cup holder' is actually a cd player and that she really shouldn't be using it for anything else...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Idiot Post

Ok, this will be the first idiot I post about in this blog. I work in the IT dept of a local government. I got a Helpdesk call the other day from a woman saying she needed me to take care of something. She said that, when someone does a google search with certain keywords, her department comes up in the top ten results. What did she want?
She said she wanted me to remove her from the search results.
Sure, I'll get right on that...