Thursday, August 6, 2009


So I'm sittin' at work, it's fairly early in the day I just finished makin' myself a scotch and soda when the freakin' helpdesk (which is really a misnomer 'cuz trust me these people are way beyond help) phone rings. So I pick it up, 'cuz you know no f@*kin' body else is gonna, and this woman tells me her cup holder is broken...??? I naturally assume she has stopped taking her freakin' meds and ask her if she hasn't dialed the wrong number accidentally.
Taking a nice long sip of my drink I ask her what cup holder and she says "You know the thing that opens up on the front of her computer..." after a rather long pause during which I ask the gods "why me?" I inform her that the afore-mentioned 'cup holder' is actually a cd player and that she really shouldn't be using it for anything else...


  1. I think I know her. I bet she's the one that thinks she deleted the internet.

  2. or needs the internet loaded on her pc