Tuesday, August 2, 2011

IE users are dumb - study

from iafrica.com

A new study has found that users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser have a lower IQ than users of other browsers.

Canadian consulting firm AptiQuant gave IQ tests to over 100 000 users found through targeted advertising and user searches, the Huffington Post reported.

While no major discrepancies were found between users of the Safari, Chrome and Firefox web browsers, Internet Explorer (IE) users were ranked lowest. The study also found that IE 8 users fared the best out of all versions of Microsoft's browser.

"Individuals using Opera, Camino and IE with Chrome Frame scored a little higher on an average than others," the report found.

AptiQuant has subsequently been threatened with a lawsuit by loyal Internet Explorer users, the firm said.

"I just want to make it clear that the report released by my company did not suggest that if you use IE that means you have a low IQ, but what it really says is that if you have a low IQ then there are high chances that you use Internet Explorer," Leonard Howard, AptiQuant CEO said.
Knowing the idiots I support, I pretty much agree with the article.

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