Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Server? Who needs that?!

Ok, this one's a double. Just before the holidays we 2 calls from remote offices.
User: Hey, I'm  having a problem printing.
Me: OK, is it just you or is it everyone?
User: Well, I dont know if it's related or not but... Do you know that black computer with the tape drive in it?
Me: Do you mean the server?
User: Uh, yeah that one.
Me: Yes....
User: Well, the lights on the front were blinking...
Me: That's normal.
User: Oh, well I thought it was a problem so I shut it off.
Me: You shut off the server?
User: Yeah. What should I do?
Me: Gee, I don't know... turn it back on.
..a few minutes later...
User: Hey I can print now!

#2 about an hour later, different office
User: We're having problems printing.
Tech: OK, is it just you or is it everyone?
User: Everyone.
Tech: OK well it looks like your server might be down. Can you go look at it for me?
User: Oh, is that the black box thingy that was in the back of the office?
Tech: Yes it-  wait... why did you say "was"?
User: We are decorating for our Christmas party and we thought it was ugly.
Tech: So what did you do?
User: I shut it off and put it in the closet for a while.
Tech: You're joking right?
User: No, but is that why we can't print?
Tech: Yes, now would you please plug the server back in right now. If it's ugly, put some garland around it or something, just don't do that again.
User: (sounding annoyed) ugh...if we have to.....

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