Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I get a call today and it went like this:
"Good morning, IT"
"You know when I press 3 I go nowhere..."
"It said press 3 for help so I did and I got nothing."
"Are you talking about the phone?" (We're testing a new VoIP system)
"Of course. I thought you knew that."
"How foolish of me, sorry."
"Anyway that's not why I called. I have a W: drive and it has the same stuff as my H: drive. Where did that come from?"
"Well, I'm not suite sure, it's could've been many things but it's just another drive letter pointing to the same place as your H:"
"Great (annoyed) now all my stuff is duplicated?"
"No, as I said, it's just another letter assigned to look at the same folder on the network. Nothing more."
"Well, how did it get there?"
"Again, I'm not sure but it's not harming anything at all."
"So, do I have 2 of everything now?"
Now I'm thinking this is a joke, I'll give this one more explanation.
"No, it's like if you had 2 sets of directions to your house. Does that mean you have 2 houses?"
"No. So maybe it'll go away if I reboot?"
"Fine." - click

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