Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can't find my old stuff?

We've all gotten this kind of call.
"I can't find my old stuff" she said.
"What old stuff?" i said, knowing was talking about some kind of file.
"My old foils" was her response.
"where did you save them?" i said, thinking to myself this should take 30 seconds or less.
"In my H:\ drive i think?" her voice was unsure, followed by a nervous giggle.

oh boy, did she delete them? is she logged into the network? I gained remote control of her pc.

"ok well first your in your 'my documents' folder", i was not surprised.
"how'd i get there?", again no surprise. I navigated to her H:\ drive, opened a couple of folders.
"Is this your old stuff?"
"WOW, yes!, how did you do that?". You'd have thought i pulled a rabbit out of a hat.
"I just looked in your H:\ drive." Click,Click,Click....and there ladies and germs a rabbit.
"OK, thank you bye!"
i was wrong it actually took, 42 seconds.

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